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School and Transportation Information


School and transportation Information is only a click or call away . . . Find My Bus Stop . . .

Accessing busing information is easy. Simply access Student Transportation of Eastern Ontario’s (STEO) Website at, click on Find My Bus Stopbutton.

Fill in the required information to access your child(ren)’s route number, pickup time and location, operator name and phone number. You can verify busing information after August 14, 2017.


Busing Hotline Phone Number . . .
STEO makes it easy for parents to check on their child(ren)’s transportation information via a Busing Hotline Number: 1-855-441-1589 from August 21 until September 15, 2017.


School Eligibility . . .

The School Eligibility tool (formerly called School Locator) is now active for the 2017-2018 school year.

The tool can be accessed from the website by clicking on the School Eligibility link – representative icon below.

Pick the 2017-2018 School Year (highlighted in light blue in the screen clip below) before clicking on “School Information“, “Which School do I attend?” or “Transportation Eligibility“.

  • School Information: provides the address, phone number, website, boundary map and available programs for a chosen school.
  • Which School do I Attend? Allows a student/parent/guardian to check for the school eligibility based on any given address entered.
  • Transportation Eligibility: Allows a student/parent/guardian to check whether or not a specified address is eligible (in bounds) for transportation.

To change the School Year from within any of the options, click on the HOME menu option and re-select the appropriate School Year from the drop down list.

Note: The 2017-2018 Parent Portal (aka FIND MY BUS STOP) will not be active until August 14, 2017. The Parent Portal is used by students/parents/guardians to ascertain pick up and drop off information after routes have been created. The Parent Portal also allows for email subscription for delays and cancellations. After August 14, 2017, updates may occur until the start of school year as changes and updates for transportation and routes are updated daily. Please check back frequently for updates after August 14, 2017


For the STEO PDF please click FM105 TSP Info Just a Click-Call Away 2017-2018









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