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Gord Downie Day

Holy Trinity celebrated the life of Gord Downie on October 20 2017.  As a uniform school, the students dressed down and provided donations to fund the Holy Trinity Indigenous Studies Program.  In connection with Gord’s support for providing more awareness of Indigenous needs in Canada, the staff and students believed that his legacy will live on at Holy Trinity through more Indigenous education programs.  During the day, Tragically Hip concerts streamed on the televisions throughout the school, Hip songs played over the PA system during breaks, and at lunch a group of staff members and  students performed four songs including Bobcageon, Wheat Kings, Fiddler’s Green and Ahead By a Century.  Students filled the school’s atrium and sang songs together.  In Canadian History classes, teachers taught lessons dealing with the impact the iconic singer had on the fabric of Canada.  Local media picked up the story and by the end of the day students had a greater appreciation of the band and the humanitarian work of the late singer.  The Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario has made Indigenous Studies a priority and have funded programs which bring to light the needs of the Indigenous people of Canada.

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