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Students graduating in June 2020, are not required to complete 40 hours of community service. Community service hours that have been completed will be recorded on the report cards of graduating students.


All high school students from grades 9-11 (including students who are completing grade 8 in June 2020) are encouraged to continue to accumulate community involvement hours this summer, provided they meet safety recommendations set out by local health authorities (EOHU and Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit).


We understand that some volunteer opportunities may not be available this summer, so we encourage you to think about creative ways to support the community that do not put you or others at risk. This may include volunteer activities that can be completed at home or online. Some examples of possible activities include:


  • A letter-writing campaign to seniors living in a nursing or retirement home
  • Delivering groceries to elderly/immunocompromised neighbours or family members who do not want to go to busy grocery stores
  • Sewing masks to donate to social agencies
  • Virtual tutoring to help students, (including ESL students) practice reading, communication and/or other skills


Students may also visit or contact a charitable organization in their community to explore current volunteer opportunities.


During this time, it may be difficult for students to obtain a signature from their community involvement activity supervisor, so the exception has been made from June to August 2020 to allow a parent or guardian to sign for hours. Students should still include the name and phone number or email address of someone other than a parent who can verify the activity and hours completed. Students are asked to have their Community Involvement Record of activities that are completed over the summer submitted to their school by September 15, 2020. The form can be found at:


If you have any questions about Community Involvement Hours including whether or not an activity is acceptable, please contact your Guidance Counsellor before June 25th.

Volunteer Hours Form

Community Hours Form

Grade 9 and 10 – Summer Upgrading

Summer upgrading courses are available for all grade 9 and 10 English, math and science courses. Students must have successfully achieved the credit in order to take the upgrading course which will further develop their skills and knowledge, plus allowing them to increase their mark. Visit the Grade 9 or 10 Teams page for more information. Deadline to apply: June 18th.

Locker Retrieval and Textbook Return

Locker Retrieval & Textbook Return

Dates: June 8 to 23, 2020…/HolyTrinityCathol…/bookings/

What Are the Next Steps for Holy Trinity Students and Families?
Ontario schools have been closed to students and families since March 15, 2020. The CDSBEO has worked closely with our local health officials to develop a plan for students to retrieve personal items as well as return textbooks and school property to the school. We are not yet asking for any laptops or devices that have been lent out to students be returned at this time. Please read the following information very carefully.

How Do I Retrieve Student Items from Lockers and Return School Property?

Starting Monday, June 8th, students, and their parents will be given temporary access to Holy Trinity to retrieve items from their lockers and return school textbooks. A booked appointment of 10 minutes will be allotted per student to enter the school. Appointments will be booked online, and time slots are available on a first come-first served basis. Bookings can be accessed using the links below:

Holy Trinity Locker Retrieval Booking Link

NOTE: If families have children in both the Elementary Division (Grade 7 & 8 and the High School Division (Grade 9 to 12) they are required to book a slot for each child.

What If I Have Questions About Booking An Appointment?
If you have questions regarding booking an appointment, please email

What Safety Protocols Will Be In Place?
There will be strict physical distancing and sanitizing protocols in place to ensure the safety of our students, parents, and staff. Tape lines and pylons will be placed on the pavement in front of the school entrance to ensure that students/parents/guardians keep six feet apart. If multiple families arrive at the same time, families may be asked to remain in their vehicle. Washrooms and water fountains will not be accessible when students are in the school.
Prior to entering the building, students/parents/guardians will be asked to indicate where they are going in the school and they will be verbally be asked the following:
• Have you completed the Ministry of Health on-line self-assessment tool and have received a negative assessment AND are symptom free at:
• Have you travelled in the last 14 days or have been in contact with someone who has travelled in the past 14 days?
• Have you been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, or is suspected to have COVID-19, or who has respiratory symptoms (fever, cough, or shortness of breath)?
NOTE: The Board reserves the right to deny entry to the school to anyone suspected or confirmed of having COVID-19 in the past 14 days or anyone showing symptoms.

Where Do I Go When I Arrive for My Appointment at Holy Trinity?
When students and their parents arrive at Holy Trinity, they should park in the parking lot in the designated areas. High school families are asked to park in the west parking lot in front of the school and Elementary families are asked to park in the Bus Loop. The student and their parent will enter through the appropriate door and exit through a separate and designated exit. Please be prepared to be patient on that day, as there may be waiting times.
• Grade 7 and 8 Entrance – The front Bus Entrance at the north end of the building
• Grade 9 to 12 Entrance – The Main Entrance

Who Is Permitted to Enter the Building to Retrieve Items?
A maximum of one student and a parent may enter the building at a time – unless there are multiple students from one household. Exceptions will be made for families where there is more than one sibling. All siblings and ONE parent can enter the building. However, it is strongly encouraged that only one person per household attend the school to retrieve the belongings. Younger siblings will not be permitted to enter the building with our students.

What Are Some Important Reminders To Be Aware Of?
Students and their families are reminded of the following:
1. Please arrive promptly for your appointment time.
2. Individuals must abide by the 10-minute maximum appointment time provided.
3. Please park in the parking lot in the designated areas. Proceed to the appropriate entrance door according to Elementary or High School, which will be clearly marked.
4. Students are asked to bring a bag with them to empty the contents of the locker; a garbage bag will be available if needed. Families are also encouraged to bring their own pen, for hygiene purposes, to sign in and out of the building.
5. Any school items brought from home or in students’ lockers that need to be returned (i.e. textbooks, novels, instruments) should be placed in the appropriate designated bin.
6. Lockers must be left open. Students should take their locks with them.
7. When the locker is empty the student is to sign off that they have retrieved all their items, then exit the building through the designated door.
8. Washrooms and water fountains will not be accessible.

Am I Still Able to Donate My Grade 12 Holy Trinity Uniform?
We are still accepting Grade 12 uniform donations. Please consider bringing gently used uniforms with you to the school when you come for your appointment. The donated uniforms are put to great use and benefit the students at Holy Trinity.

Graduation Update

Please read the following documents regarding June graduations.

Letter to Parents – Grade 8

Grade 12 Letter re graduations_ (002)


Youth Job Connection Summer Program 2020

Youth Job Connection: Summer Program: for youth between the ages of 15-18 who are facing challenging life circumstances and would benefit from participating in paid pre-employment training followed by an on-the-job placement with access to mentorship from a Youth Job Coach. Submit this completed on or before May 20 to indicate interest.

Summer eLearning Session 2020

Please see the attached Courses List and Registration Form for the Summer eLearning Session. Note: spots are available on a “first come, first serve” basis. Students must use their login information to access the Registration Form (Ex:

Summer Course Offerings 2019-2020

Registration Form


Letter to Grade 12 Parents regarding Prom

Letter to Parents – Prom Revised (002)

Online Learning – Effective April 6, 2020

Please refer to the “Courses Delivery Chart” for information regarding course delivery for our students.

Course Delivery Chart

Technology for Learning Survey

Hello Falcons! Please complete the short “Technology for Learning” survey as soon as possible so that we can support students for the “Learn at Home” program which begins on Monday, April 6. If we do not receive your survey, a school staff member will be calling you on Monday for the survey to be done by phone. Thank you for your cooperation.


Inclement Weather Information

For information regarding school transportation during inclement weather, please refer to this link:

Inclement Weather Letter

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