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What is so Great About Prayer?

"Praying does not mean listening to yourself speak;
praying means calming down and being still and waiting until you hear God."

I can’t exactly answer this question.  Prayer is personal, and until you decide with your whole heart to pray, you won’t know its true greatness.  Nevertheless, that’s the key to discovering it: simply making the choice to pray.  Prayer is for everyone.  There are no rules for who is allowed to pray, or even how to pray.  So here are some basics:

What is Prayer?

“Prayer is turning the heart toward God.” (Youcat 469)

It’s really quite simple – you are making a choice to live not only for yourself, but also for others, rooted in God.



"The desire to pray is already a prayer."

Why Pray?

Faith in a higher power can be hard to explain, but it often gives us hope – hope that we can find good in this world.  Prayer gives us guidance on how we, in our own lives, can contribute to that good.

We believe that God is all-powerful, but still we have the free will to make our own choices.  If we choose to live for God and the good of others, God will work in our lives.

We believe that God is all-knowing; He knows us, even better than we know ourselves.  His will for us is only good.


How do I pray?

Prayer can be either vocal (out loud) or mental (quiet).

Types of prayer:

  • Traditional prayer (ex.: Our Father, Hail Mary)
  • Scripture (reading the bible)
  • (Singing or listening to) liturgical/praise music
  • Silent/guided meditation
  • Journaling/contemplative prayer


More on this to come!